Ameristar: A4066 Ethernet/PLUS
CEI: A4066 Ethernet/PLUS
Connection: Zorro II


Type Ethernet
10Base2 (BNC & Coax, ThinNet): Yes
10Base5 (AUI & Coax, ThickNet): Yes
10BaseT (RJ45 & UTP): Yes
100BaseTX (RJ45 & UTP): No
SANA-II Driver: Yes
MNI Driver: Yes (z2-smc91c90.mni)
Other Driver: No

Full length Zorro II ethernet card. This card was made both my Ameristar and CEI so therefore two different card ID's and manufacturer numbers may exist. The card has two LED's onboard, when in 10BaseT mode, red means transmit and green means receive. When it 10Base2/5 mode, the red LED indicates both receive and transmit and green is not used.


The card is shipped for use with 10Base 2 by default

10BaseT: Shunt JP3 plug OUT
10Base2: Shunt JP3 plug IN and Shunt JP1 plug into THIN position
10Base5: Shunt JP3 plug IN and Shunt JP1 plug into AUI position

JP2 is for factory use only and should not be altered by the user.

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