Harms Computertechnik: Professional 030
Connection: CPU Sockel


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Processor:030@16Mhz or 030@33Mhz
FPU:Optional 68881 or 68882 (PGA) at the same frequency as the processor.
Max Ram:4MB (Requires an additional RAM daughterboard)
Ram Type:Unknown (Requires an additional RAM daughterboard)

An accelerator for the A500 and A2000 which plugs into the CPU socket. The accelerator can be switched back to 68000 mode in software or hardware for compatibility reasons with old software.

JP1 - ON = 68000 fallback mode (disables the RAM as well)
JP2-4 - memory configuration (see below)
JP5 - ON = disable data and instruction caches
JP6 - ON = disable MMU
SP1 - if the board fails to work in your Amiga, set this jumper (Segmented??)

JP2-4 configs:
000 - 1MB, slots 1-8, address 090000-09ffff
010 - 2MB, 1-16, 080000-09ffff
100 - 4MB, 1-8, 060000-09ffff
110 - 8MB, 1-16, 020000-09ffff
001 - 1MB, 1-8, 4070000-09ffff
011 - 2MB, 1-16, 4060000-407ffff
101 - 4MB, 1-8, 4040000-407ffff
111 - 8MB, 1-16, 4000000-407ffff

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