Commodore: A2065
Anschluss: Zorro II

Rev 3 A2065

Hi Res Version, Rev 3 A2065 - bytes
Image of two Rev 3 'prototypes' - bytes
Image of Rev 1 and Rev 4 prototype - bytes

Ebay-Preis (01 2005) 39,50EUR

Type Ethernet
10Base2 (BNC & Coax, ThinNet): Yes
10Base5 (AUI & Coax, ThickNet): Yes
10BaseT (RJ45 & UTP): No
100BaseTX (RJ45 & UTP): No
SANA-II Driver: Yes
MNI Driver: Yes (z2-am7990.mni)
Other Driver: Yes (AS255r TCP/IP stack has built in support)

The A2065 is a full-length Zorro-II ethernet card. The A2065 hasn't been made in many years, but is still one of the most common ethernet cards for the Amiga, and infact was probably the first ever Amiga ethernet card. The firmware Ethernet address of the A2065 can be determined by taking the registered CBM block number (00-80-10) and appending the hex value shown on the sticker on chip U4.

Board Layout

 |                                                                 |___
 |                                                                 |
 |                                                                 |
 |                                                                 |_
 |                                                                 |_| BNC
 |                                                                 |
 |                                             JP7       ABC       |_
 |                                             :         ABC       | |
 |                                                       ABC       | | AUI
 |           JP1-JP6                                               | |
 |           ::::::                                                |_|
 |                                                                 |
     |||||||||||||||||||||||||||                                   |


  JP1-JP6: Interrupt (default is JP2).

  JP7: Ethernet Type
    Off: Type 1.
     On: Type 2 (default).

  ABC Jumpers: Select Thick/Thin Ethernet.
    AB: Select BNC connector (thin Ethernet).
    BC: Select AUI connector (thick Ethernet).

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Dave Haynie, Greg Scott (National Amiga), Pascal Rielland, RiWa & Friends, Warren Block

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