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Anschluss: Zorro II

The PhonePak is an integrated FAX and Voice Mail full length Zorro II card. Multiple PhonePaks can be used in the same machine, sharing the mailboxes. The PhonePak is compatible with the PSTN, CentreX, PBX and DTMF (Touch Tone) standards. The PhonePak has two RCA connectors, one is a line-in for digitizing the sound (via the Yamaha YTM 401 voice chip) and the second is a line-out for passing the audio to another device, such as speakers. The card has two RJ-11 phone connectors, one attaches to the phone line, whilst the other is used to attach a telephone handset. A variety of applications and tools were supplied with the card, but the primary programs LineMan and PhonePak are used to providing the answering service and the mailboxes, with full AREXX support. Voice mail is recorded at 9600bps and can be played back through the Amiga's native sound or via the telephone. The PhonePak supports group III faxes at 9,600 with 2,400 fallback. Both compressed and uncompressed faxes are supported and saved in the Amiga's standard IFF FAXX format.m


If the card is to be used with a PBX system, then a jumper requires setting. Two reserved jumpers and a 16bit connector for unknown usage.

This card is known to have problems with A4000's containing Rev 3.1 or 3.0 Commodore A3640s.

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