MLC Hardware Development: RandyROM
Anschluss: IDE

This device appears to connect to the internal IDE port of the A1200 and provides you with two 3.5" IDE ports to attach up to 4 IDE devices. The device contains four jumpers, in a block of three and one on it's own. If you are using Kickstart 3.0 you must open all three jumpers because they effectively cut the reset line to fix a bug in the OS, however with Kickstart 3.1 this is not necessary so all jumpers should be closed. The single jumper allows you to choose whether the the first IDE channel is connected to the 2.5" IDE connector or the 3.5" IDE connector.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Martina Jacobs, Steffen Lausterer, Vash

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