Elbox: Power Flyer 1200
Elbox: Fast ATA 1200
Anschluss: IDE, Kickstart Sockel

Ebay-Preis (02 2005) 49,50EUR

An adapter for the Amiga 1200 that allows it to use up to four IDE drives in PIO mode 4, for a theoretical maximum throughput of 16.4MB/sec. It connects to the A1200s ROM socket and the ROMs are mounted onto the card. The card is also connected to pin 39 of the internal IDE Connector. Reported speeds of this board have been 7Mb/sec in PIO 4 and 8MB sec in PIO 5. It was normally shipped with AllegroCDFS and FastATA '99 software.

The Power Flyer junior is a 16bit version of this card, but is fully upgradeable to 32bit

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Steve-David Marguet, Thomas Barth

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