YCP (Y/C Plus): YCP-100
Anschluss: Zorro II

Full length Zorro II card primarily designed for use with the Video Toaster/Flyer and Genlocks. The YCP-100 is the only Y/C Adaptor that utilizes the Faroudja Labs picture improving technology! To produce the best picture quality available. The Faroudja Two Dimensional Digital Adaptor Comb Filter compares pixel by pixel and not line by line like other generic comb filters for a sharper and more defined picture. Dot crawl is reduced . Colours are more vivid and saturated and Cross Colour is improved.

The YCP-100 has four (4) possible inputs. If you need to add composite video input to the system you must remove a computer style jumper on the YCP-100. Also, if a Flyer is being used JP3 and JP4 must be removed. All inputs are configured by Y/C Plus as Y/C inputs. With the jumper "ON" this means Y/C In, with the jumper "OFF" this means composite video input. Of course, the composite signal is routed into the Video Toaster inputs, not thru the YCP-100.

Video In: 4 ea. Y/C can be configured with Composite Inputs
Video Out: 2 ea. Y/C Out
Lumunance: 1 Volt P-P, 75 ohm Unbalanced, Negative Sync
Chrominance: 286m Volt P-P, 75 ohm Unbalanced
Signal-To-Noise: Better than 60 Db
Horizontal Res. Better than 480 Lines Minimum
Diff. Phase: Less than 1.00
Diff. Gain: Less than 1.0%
Response: -3Db at 5.5 MHz
K Factor: Less than 0.7%
YCP-100 Delay: 1360 Nanoseconds
Video Toaster Delay: 400 Nanoseconds
Delay Combined: 1760 Nanoseconds
Y/C Combiner Delay: 12 Nanoseconds
Power: +5 Volts 60 Ma, +12 Volts 108 Ma, -12 Volts 96 Ma



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Chris - CLS2086, Ryan Callaghan

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