Satelite et Television: MSP 9000
Anschluss: Zorro III

The MSP 9000 was a video rack made by Satelite et Television which connected to the Zorro III bus by the special use of a card made by Xanadu. The combination of these two elements and a special version of TVPaint 3.5 called "Broadcaster Painter" was tremendous. A video layer in PAL/SECAM/Y-C/Y-U-V or RGB in and out with video correction, field/frame store, fader and tme base correction. Over the video a graphic layer in 32bit, consisting of 24bit colour plus 8 bit alpha channel was used for still digitization of the video layer and paiting/displaying with Broadcast Painter. Over these two layers was the Amigas display with its simple alpha channel on colour 0.

As an example of the abilities of the system: Imagine a video with 16 million colour graphics (with the transparencies allowed by using the 8bit alpha channel) and a dpaint animation above it all. All this in real time. Howver the system could overhead which could lead to random pixels appeaiing in the video layer.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Cyrille Varnier

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