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Toaster 2000

Toaster 2000 with daughterboards

Toaster 2000 without daughterboards

RAM daughterboard

Main daughterboard with BNC Connectors

Hi Res Version, Toaster 2000 - bytes
Hi Res Version, Toaster 2000 with daughterboards - bytes
Hi Res Verison, Toaster 2000 without daughterboards - bytes
Hi Res Version, RAM daughterboard - bytes
Hi Res Version, Main daughterboard with BNC Connectors - bytes
Image of installation disks - bytes
Image of Toaster 2000 and installation disks - bytes

The Toaster 2000 is the original Video Toaster which preceedes the Toaster 4000. The Video Toaster is an extremely powerful piece of kit and helped make the Amiga famous in video production circles. An Amiga with a Video Toaster was capable of producing effects comparable to dedicated systems costing many times as much. The Video Toaster in conjunction with Lightwave helped produce many TV programs and films including Babylon 5, Seaquest DSV and Terminator II. The Toaster 2000 can be used in other models of Amiga with video slots, apart from the A2000 however due to the size of the card, case modifications may be necessary. In order to use the Video Toaster it is recommended that you have at least an 030@25Mhz, RGB Monitor, Composite Monitor (2 Composite Monitors for preview and program), 10MB RAM (2MB Chip + 8MB Fast) and video signals must be time base corrected.


General Features

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