MST: Colorburst
Anschluss: Video Sockel (Amiga 23pin)

Internal view of the unit

Hi Res Version of Image 1 - bytes
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The Colorburst is a form of graphics card for the Amiga which supports up to 48bit in certain modes, and a palette of 16.77million colours. It contains 1.5MB of VRam and a pixel clock of 28Mhz.

ResolutionSupported Bitplanes
320 X 2561-7,8,12 ,15,18,24,48
384 X 2961-7,8,12,15,18,24,48
320 X 5121-7,8,12,15,18,24,48
384 X 5801-7,8,12,15,18,24,48
640 X 2561-7,8,12,15,18,24
768 X 2961-7,8,12,15,18,24
640 X 5121-7,8,12,15,18,24
768 X 5801-7,8,12,15,18,24

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