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A1200 Version

The catweasel clock port adaptor for connecting it to the clockport in the A1200

Catweasel Zorro II version

Neupreis A1200-Version (1999) 60,34EUR (119,00DEM)

Neupreis ZORRO-Version (1999) 91,52EUR (179,00DEM))

There are two main versions of the Catweasel, the A1200 version which is designed to connect to the clock port of the A1200, or in the A4000 it connects to the internal IDE port with a pass-thru for hard drives. The second version is a Zorro II card. The Catweasel is a floppy drive controller for the Amiga that allows the use of up to two cheap PC floppy drives, (both 5.25", 3.5" DD and HD) for reading Amiga and PC disks aswell as many other disk formats. You cannot however boot from the floppy drives. The controller also contains sophisticated algorithms to help read failing, sensitive or corrupted disks. Reading PC formatted disks is 2.15 times faster than using a native drive, and Amiga formatted disks are 1.3 times faster. The device also supports the use of floppy controller based tape drives, with a thru-put of up to 2MB/sec. It does not support DMA, but contains a local expansion port for adding additional expansions.

Unterstützte Filesysteme

Plattform Filesystem
Amiga OFS
OFS International
FFS International
Apple IIe DOS 3.3 (und neuer)
Apple Macintosh HFS
Atari 800XL Atari 800XL formatiert.
C64 DOS 2A

Unterstützte Disktypen

Plattform Disk Typ
Amiga 3.5" DS, 880K
3.5" DS, 1.76MB
5.25" DS, 880K
5.25" DS, 1.76MB
Apple IIe 5.25" ?
Apple Macintosh 3.5" SS, 400K
3.5" DS, 720K
3.5" DS, 800K
3.5" DS, 1.44MB
Atari 800XL 5.25" ?
Atari ST 3.5" DS, 720K
3.5" DS, 800K
3.5" DS, 1.44MB
C64 (CBM 1541) 5.25" SS, 170K
(CBM 1571) 5.25" SS, 170K
(CBM 1571) 5.25" DS, 341K
(CBM 1581) 3.5" DS, 800K
Catweasel Extra 3.5" DS, 1.16MB
3.5" DS, 2.38MB
Nintendo Backup Station 1.6MB
PC 3.5" DS, 720K
3.5" DS, 1.44MB
5.25" DS, 360K
5.25" DS, 720K
5.25" DS, 800K
5.25" DS, 1.2MB

SS = Single Sided
DS = Double Sided

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Alan Yau, Iggy Drougge, Jürgen Weiß, Michael Dittmar

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