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Flicker Free with manual and connectors

Front of Flicker Free

Back of Flicker Free

Hi Res Version, Flicker Free with manual and connectors - bytes
Hi Res Version, Front of Flicker Free - bytes
Hi Res Version, Back of Flicker Free - bytes

The Flicker Free Video plugs into the Denise socket and provides your Amiga with scandoubled and flickerfixed output, suitable for use with S/VGA monitors. It is compatible with most Denise equipped Amigas such as the A1000, A2000 series (except german models) and the A500/+. A standard 15pin VGA connector is attached to a header on the card. You can continue to use the VGA connector simultaneously with the Amiga's 23pin video port.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Francisco Rabay Jr, Ron Mascaro

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