Videotechnik Diezemann: Snapshot RGB
Anschluss: Unbekannt

Pictures shows the Snapshot Live! and Snapshot RGB

The Snapshot RGB is an expansion for the Snapshot Pro which allows it to digitize in colour although not in realtime, the video input must be paused.

- Connects to: Snapshot Pro, Snapshot Mini, Monitor

- Controls: Color-Saturation and On/Off-Switch

- The Snapshot RGB (the Device in the lower left corner) is an RGB- Splitter.

It was needed as Expansion for the Video-Digitizers Snapshot Pro and Snapshot Mini. It enabled the Digitizers to digitze in colors.

There were three diffrent Models: RGB, RGB+ and RGB2. The RGB and RGB+ were only FBAS-Splitter. The RGB2 can do FBAS and Y/C, and had an additional Monitoring Output.

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