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A600 8Mbyte FastRAM

A600 8Mbyte FastRAM fitted - bytes
A600 8Mbyte FastRAM bottom - bytes

8 Megabyte FAST RAM card for the A600.

This 2008 version clips over the PLCC surface mount 68000 CPU.

Has a jumpers for reduced RAM for PCMCIA compatibility.

FAST RAM is auto-configuring.

Jumper Settings:

* no fast memory
* 8 Mb autoconfiguring fastram, no PCMCIA
* 4 Mb autoconfiguring fastram, PCMCIA available
* 1.5 Mb "slow" ram (but actually no wait states) at $C00000-$D7FFFF (automatically detected by kickstart)
* 1.5 Mb "slow" + 4 Mb autoconfiguring fastram, in total 5.5 Mb with PCMCIA

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Alexander Holland

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