HK Computer: Amiga-Bremse
Anschluss: CPU Sockel

Amiga-Bremse front

Amiga-Bremse back

Amiga-Bremse switch

Closeup of front - bytes
Closeup of backside - bytes
Closeup of switch - bytes

The Amiga-Bremse is a device wich will allow you to slow your Amiga or to stop it.

This was very useful to to get high-scores in very difficult games e.g.

Amiga-Bremse connects between the 68K socket and the processor.

There is a three-way switch to control the Amiga-Bremse

In the middle position, your Amiga runs normal. Switch it to the left will "freeze" the Amiga just in time. Switch it to the right, acticates the potentiometer to control the Amigas speed infinitely.

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