Hakan Karlsson: Linköpingskarte


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This is an A2000 accelerator card wich was manufactured by a swedish man named Hakan Karlsson, who lives in Linkoeping/sweden. Because of that, this card get its name.

There is an advert that says, that the same card also was distributed by a company named "Datamaskinen".

The accelerator was equipped with a MC68020 processor and could carry an optional 68881/68882 cprocessor. The maximum ammount of additional memory of 4MB can be reached by adding additional socketed DIP-Chips.

Additional RAM is NOT autoconfig and has to be added by using AddMem.

It is possible to remap the KickstartROM into the RAM of this card. Also it was reported, that this item is NOT Kickstart2xx and SCSI friendly.

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