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Kickflash OS4 Back

Kickflash OS4 Front

Hi Res Version, Kickflash OS4 Front - bytes
Hi Res Version, Kickflash OS4, back - bytes

The KickFlash is a very special "RAM expansion" for ZORRO based Amigas. Kickflash is a special kind of Rom-Swapper for the kickstart-rom(s) of your Amiga. Being different from regular Rom-Swappers, Kickflash doesn't have room for a second or third rom chip. Instead, it has got flash memory that can hold a kickstart rom image. You can write any version of kickstart into that memory and have it available after the next reboot. Flash memory is non-volatile, that means, it doesn't loose it's contents when power is switched off. On the other hand, it's electrically erasable. As soon as the new Kickstart V3.5 is available, you're the first one to have it as a rom. It has already been announced that nobody will produce mask roms of Kick 3.5, so Kickflash is your only chance to get rid of the inconvenient reboot for re-kicking the new rom. Besides, re-kicking uses memory, and Kickflash does not, so you can use your fastmem for more important things. [Individual Computers]

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Jens Schönfeld (Individual Computers), Leo Dallas, Rogerio Kauer

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