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HiRes Version Fusion Forty - bytes
ROM section - bytes

Processor:  	040@28MHz, 040@35MHz
FPU: 	        Internal
MMU: 	        Internal
Max Ram: 	    32MB to 128MB
Ram Type: 	  8 x 30pin or  8x72pin SIMM slots.

The 25MHz version is an 040/25MHz NOT overclocked, supports 1MB & 4MB 30Pins 
Simms (80ns or less) giving max 32MB. (Rev 1.0)
The 28MHz version is an 040/25MHz@ 28MHz overclocked, supports 1MB & 
4MB 30Pins Simms (80ns or less) giving max 32MB. (Rev 2.0)
The 35MHz version is an 040/33MHz@ 35MHz overclocked, supports 1MB, 4MB, 16MB 
72Pins Simms (70ns or less) giving max 128MB.

The First released 68040 accelerator for the A2000, which plugs into the 
CPU Fast slot.
The backplate on the card contains a switch which allows the 040 to be disabled 
for compatibility reasons with old software.
This switch should ONLY be used when the A2000 is powered off. 
RCS management recommended: After putting off the power, at least wait 10s to 
Switch the 040.
The 040 Switch is Dangerously easy to switch so better to replace that switch 
with a Military Toggle Switch or cover it.
The Fusion Forty contains two expansion buses intended for future expansions 
however it is believed that nothing was ever produced for them. 
One is 36pins, the other is 50pins. 
Some cards do not even contain the headers, just holes where the pins would 
normally be.
The Fusion Forty has 4 x 32K ROMs(27C256) known as Plug 'N Go ROMs labelled 
as U25 through to U28.
Kickstart 3.x is supported only by upgrading to the latest version being 3.4 
of the Plug-n-Go ROMs and also fix some issues with SCSI controllers.
It is possible to also use 4 x 64K ROMs (27C512) instead, all you do is double 
the code in each chip. Apparently, there are two versions of the ROM update, 
one which updates all four ROMs and is a simple replacement, the other version 
comes on two EPROMs and requires an adaptor to connect it to the card.
First time Boot Gives the RCS Bootlogo, installing the Kickstart in the Roms.
If you press the Right MouseButton you get the Control Menu.
Selecting Nofastkick : 32Bitram still Enabled, but Kickstart not installed in 
Disabling [  ] Fastkick No 32Bitram and also Kickstart not installed in roms
About : information of the installed Plug 'N Go rom's, CPU 040 version & the 
32Bits memory.
Using this card with the Commodore A2091 SCSI card, GuruRom 6.6 Works but 
Gururom 7.0 Recommended (For Faster DMA access).

Latest Plug'nGO ROMs (V3,4) from Mattias Lundblad can be found here

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