Processors: XC68882
Processors: MC68882
Anschluss: CPU Sockel

20Mhz PLCC MC68882

25Mhz and 33Mhz PGA MC68882

50Mhz PGA MC68882

50Mhz PGA XC68882

Available in Mhz

The 68882 is the successor to the 68881. It's designed to perform floating point calculations in hardware and is provided as a separate chip. This FPU is generally faster than it's predecessor and has improved simulataneous execution of FPU and CPU instructions. The 68882 is generally found in Amigas up to a maximum clock speed of 50Mhz and is designed to work with the 020 and 030. XC versions of this FPU are older versions less tolerant to heat and overclocking.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Sebastian (Exin), Sebastian Kinner, Takahasi Kasiko

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