Nine Tiles: AmigaLink (9 Tiles)
Anschluss: Zorro II

Type Custom (Token Ring)
SANA-II Driver: No
MNI Driver: No
Other Driver: Yes (Simplenet)

This card is not to be confused with the AmigaLink of the same name by Amitrix. This is certainly one of the most unusual networking devices for the Amiga and probably one of the rarest. It is a full length Zorro II card which has a male D-Sub 9 pin port. The card is plugged into a tranceiver box via a cable containing a D-Sub 9 female connector at one end and 6.5mm jack at the other. All the tranceivers are hard wired together so it does not seem possible to to expand the network beyond the initial configuration. The network transfers data at approximately 1.5Mbit/sec using a token ring bus topology. This network card uses a token ring based protocol (not to be confused with IBM's token ring). This card was made around 1988 when ethernet solutions for the Amiga were extremely rare and very expensive. The card was supplied with peer to peer networking software called SimpleNet. Apparently this network technology was also produced for the BBC Micro and Amstrad CPC although it's not clear whether they were compatible with the Amiga version.

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Iggy Drougge

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