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Anschluss: Zorro II

AD516 with user guide and disks

AD516 Rev 2.1

Hi Res Version, AD516 with user guide and disks - bytes
Hi Res Version, AD516 Rev 2.1 - bytes
Image of AD516 with Studio 16 leaflet - bytes
Image of Backplate - bytes
Studio 16 leaflet, Outside - bytes
Studio 16 leaflet, Inside - bytes
Studio 16 Screenshot - bytes

AHI: Yes
Other: Native support in Studio 16

A full length Zorro II 8 channel (requires at least an 030 for all 8 channels) 16 bit sound card designed for SMPTE and post production work. Up to four cards can be used together for up to 15 channels. This is because the number of channels which can be used on each consecutive card is halved. The cards contains a 2105 DSP although it was never fully utilised and supports stereo sampling from 5.5Khz up to 48Khz with two anti-aliasing filters. It supports playback with 64 times over-sampling and dual 16bit A/D converters. It also has an LTC SMPTE time code reader, cue and generator. The card also contains 256K of SRAM. This card can also be used instead of the Soundstage for the Broadcaster Elite 32 non linear video editor. The card was supplied with Studio 16 for sound production.


2 x Stereo In (L & R)
2 x Stereo Out (L & R)

Jumper Settings
Jumper Function
JP1 Sets interrupt between 2 and 6 (default)

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