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Picture shows a Rev 1.0 card

Hi Res Version, Image 1 - bytes
Hi Res Version, Image 2 - bytes

Ebay-Preis (09 2004) 35,50EUR

Ebay-Preis (10 2004) 86,09EUR

Ebay-Preis (11 2004) 35,00EUR

AHI: Yes
Other: Yes (toccata.library)

The Toccata is a full length Zorro II 16 bit sound card which is also capable of 16bit sampling at up to 48Khz with ADPCM compression (1:2 and 1:4). The Toccata contains an onboard mixer for mixing the Amigas native audio with that of the Toccata and supports frequencies of 10Hz up to 20Khz. It uses the Analog Devices SoundPort 8530 codec. Up to five Toccatas can be used simultaneously in the same Amiga. If more than one Toccata is present they can be combined together to provide more sound channels. Each card requires its own copy of the toccata.library which should be renamed to toccata1.library for the second card, toccata2.library for the third and so on.


3 x Stereo Line IN (2 of them are sample, 1 is mixed to output)
1 x Stereo MIC IN

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Antoine Dubourg, Martin Cornelius, RiWa & Friends, Sebastian (Exin), Txema Latas, Ulrich Sprenger

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