A.C.T (Albrecht Computer Technik): Prelude
Anschluss: Zorro II

Prelude with manual and CD


Hi Res Version, Prelude with manual and CD - bytes
Hi Res Version, Prelude - bytes
Image of software CD - bytes

Neupreis (1999) 204,00EUR (399,00DEM)

AHI: Yes
Other: Unknown

The Prelude is a full length Zorro II sound card. It contains a 2K FIFO Cache, and a CSSC 4231A sound processor capable of playing ALaw, uLaw, 8bit, 16bit ADCPM encodings. The Prelude also contains a built-in sampler capable of recording at rates from 5.51Khz up to 64Khz. The Prelude has LINE IN, MIC IN (with built in amplifier), 2 x AUX IN, MONO IN, MONO OUT and an internal audio input. Several expansion modules are available for the Prelude including the Arpeggiator, the MPEGit. and the Rombler

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Francisco Rabay Jr

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