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Apollo SCSI-Modul Vorderseite

Apollo SCSI-Modul Rueckseite

HiRes Version Apollo SCSI-Modul, Vorderseite - bytes
HiRes Version Apollo SCSI-Modul, Rueckseite - bytes
Apollo1260 mit SCSI-Modul - bytes
Apollo1260 mit SCSI-Modul und Kabeln - bytes

A SCSI module designed to be connected to many of the Apollo A1200 accelerators. The card contains a 50pin SCSI connector and an optional external SCSI connector to mount at the read of the A1200 where the blanking plate is. The controller supports auto-booting and is RDB compatible. The controller is capable of transerring at round 4MB/sec depending on the CPU, as it does not make use of DMA.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Takahasi Kasiko

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