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Founded in 1999 by Ian Chapman
Probably the largest Amiga hardware reference on the net!

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Last Updated: 2 August 2008
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The Big Book of Amiga Hardware is probably the largest online Amiga Hardware reference in the world, thanks to the help of many of the site's readers. If you're looking for information on that exclusive piece of hardware, wonder what amazing expansions were actually made for the amiga, or need drivers for that second-hand kit you've just bought, then you've come to the right place.

The Big Book of Amiga Hardware has been and still is a community effort. In addition to my own material, a large amount of material has been submitted by the readers which has helped this site grow to the success it is. The BBoAH works precisely because it's a community effort and without your support I would not be able to keep it up to date, and informative.

In Addition to the "old" BBoAH a new BBoAH-Wiki will be available, this side continues the traditional way.

By clicking on the Item below you will be redirected to the new BBoAH-Wiki.


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