Gameworks: X-Power Professional 500
Design & Engineering: X-Power Professional 500
Anschluss: Seitlicher Expansion Slot

Box, Front

Box, Rear

Front of Gameworks version

Side of Gameworks version

Front of Design & Engineering version

Front of PCB

Rear of PCB

Hi Res Version, Box Front - 146K
Hi Res Version, Box Rear - 194K
Hi Res Version, Front of Gameworks version - 178K
Hi Res Version, Side of Gameworks version - 159K
Hi Res Version, Front of Design & Engineering version - 214K
Hi Res Version, Front of PCB - 376K
Hi Res Version, Rear of PCB - 367K
Screenshot of the Machine Monitor - 353K
Screenshot of the Misc page - 281K
Screenshot of the Screen Editor - 283K
Screenshot of the Sound Editor - 252K
Screenshot of the Sprite Editor - 324K
Screenshot of the System Menu - 289K
Screenshot of X-Copy - 387K
Screenshot of the ColourSet Menu - 292K
Screenshot of the DOS Menu - 281K
Screenshot showing the Import Memory page - 248K

The X-Power professional plugs into the side expansion slot of the A500 and includes a pass through for attaching additional devices. The device allows you to pause the machine and use the built in utilities to perform the following:

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Christian Buker, Marcello Cocco

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