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Picture of the Photomagic display board

HiRes Version des Motherboards, Bild 1 - 348K
HiRes Version des Motherboards, Bild 2 - 241K
HiRes Version des Motherboards, Bild 3 - 377K
HiRes Version des Motherboards, Bild 4 - 324K

This is the guts of a photo booth unit called the PhotoMagic which was a hardware and software combination based around an A600 motherboard. The unit adapts most of the ports for external use including the keyboard port, and joystick port (labelled as AUX) has a 60MB 2.5" IDE HD, a RAM expansion with real time clock and what appears to be some sort of display adaptor connected in the centre of the motherboard which contains a separate Super Denise. One chip in the card appears to be a programmable logic chip and may be some sort of flicker fixer but has no timing crystals. It is labelled as:

Display Adaptor Card
(C) 1993 Photomagic Ltd
PT NO 35888 ISS A

There also appears to be what could be a genlock attached to the RGB port. The unit contains a hard drive with a fairly standard installation of Workbench as found on any other A600 however, the LoadWB line in the startup-sequence has been changed to TWDriver. TWDriver appears to be some sort of custom application for displaying pictures. The startup-sequence also checks for the presence of "DF1:" and although the unit has no "DF0:", if the second drive is found it loads a little program to edit the available pictures and adverts which the machine can display.

The pictures and adverts are stored in the Amiga's standard IFF format and all are HAM modes. They are however stored in resolutions greater than a standard A600 can display in HAM mode (640 x 480 + PAL TV Overscan), this probably means that the display board is more than just a flicker fixer.


Please see the A600

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