Silent Paws: PAWS 1200
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A black assembled PAWS 1200 unit

A white assembled PAWS 1200 prototype

PAWS 1200 case with lid closed

PAWS 1200 Gehaeuse

PAWS 1200 Gehaeuse

Trackball fur den PAWS 1200

Unusually, Commodore never produced a laptop based Amiga even when similar companies such as Apple, Atari and Acorn all produced laptop versions of their computers, the Mac, Atari ST and Archimedes. Silent Paws tried to fill this area by producing the PAWS 1200. PAWS apparently stood for "Portable Amiga WorkStation". The PAWS 1200 was based on an A1200 motherboard which was squeezed into a custom laptop style case complete with an LCD display. In reality the PAWS 1200 was quite a bit larger than most conventional laptops primarily because it had to make use of desktop sized components. It is not certain whether the PAWS 1200 could be powered from battery or still required plugging into the main power supply, although the latter is suspected. The PAWS 1200 was available as a unit to purchase as well as in kit form to convert your existing A1200.

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Christoph Gutjahr, Norman Walter

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