Alfa Data: Alfapower 500
BSC: Alfapower 500
Anschluss: Seitlicher Expansion Slot

Front of Alfapower 500

Back of Alfapower 500

Hi Res Version, Front of Alfapower 500 - 67K
Hi Res Version, Back of Alfapower 500 - 36K
Image of Alfapower 500 motherboard, ZIP version - 491K
Image of Alfapower 500 motherboard inside case, ZIP version - 504K
Image of Alfapower 500 motherboard inside case with 2.5" HD, ZIP Version - 306K
Image of Alfapower 500 motherboard, SIMM version - 67K
Closeup of Alfapower 500 with HD, SIMM version - 65K
Closeup of Alfapower 500 SIMM slots - 71K

Ebay-Preis (11 2004) min. 12,50 max. 34,50

An IDE controller which connects to the side expansion slot of the A500/+. The unit contains both a 3.5" header and a 2.5" header for support both sizes of IDE drives. The unit also supports additional memory up to a maximum of 8MB in the form of ZIP Chips. Some versions may have used 72pin SIMMs but this has not been confirmed. The unit has an on/off switch and supports autobooting.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Andy Johnson, Marc Bradshaw, Sascha Coltrane

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