Commodore: CDTV-II
Commodore: CDTV-CR
Commodore: CD-500
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Standard Specifications

Case Type:Set Top Box / VCR
Chipset:ECS (plus additional chips Grace and Beauty)
Expansion Slots:1 x FMV slot
1x Video Slot
1 x PCMCIA styled connector.
Note, this is NOT a true PCMCIA connector, only very early experimental units ever contained a true PCMCIA slot
Standard CHIP RAM:2MB
RAM sockets:Unknown
Hard Drive Controllers:1 x (2.5"??) IDE Controller
Drive Bays:1 x 3.5"
1 x 5.25"
Expansion Ports:1 x Mini-Din Serial
1 x 25pin Parallel
1 x 23pin RGB Video
1 x S-Video
1 x Composite
1 x 23pin External Floppy
2 x RCA Audio (Left/Right)
1 x 3.5mm Heaphone Socket
Floppy Drive:1 x Internal 880k Floppy Drive
Motherboard Revisions:Unknown
Battery Backed Up Clock:Unknown

The CDTV-II, perhaps correctly called the CDTV-CR (CR = Cost Reduced) was intended as the successor to the original CDTV. Unfortunately like many of Commodore's projects it was never officially released to the public. Like the original, the CDTV-II also includes an infra-red remote controller but it also has a digital LCD display on the front and a built-in floppy drive which the original doesn't have. The CDTV-II does not have a keyboard port, or a mouse port like the original model.

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