Phase 5: Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV
DCE: Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV
Anschluss: Trapdoor Slot (A1200)

Phase5 Version, Vorderseite

Phase5 Version, Rueckseite

Front, DCE version

Back, DCE version



HiRes Version Phase5, Vorderseite - 204K
HiRes Version Phase5, Rueckseite - 222K
Hi Res Version, Front, DCE version - 175K
Hi Res Version, Back, DCE version - 183K
HiRes Version Vorderseite - 450K
HiRes Version Rueckseite - 565K
Image of Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV Packaging, Front - 40K
Image of Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV Packaging, Back - 72K

Ebay-Preis (10 2004) 49,50 / 59,00

Processor: 030@50Mhz
FPU: Optional 68882@50Mhz (PGA)
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 128MB (256MB if optional SCSI controller is attached)
Ram Type: 1 x 72pin SIMM slots. (2 if optional SCSI controller is attached)

An accelerator which plugs into the trapdoor slot of the A1200. An optional SCSI-II controller is available which also includes an additional SIMM socket. You can disable the accelerator by holding down "2", shortly after resetting the Amiga.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Gary Bliter, Holger Hesselbarth, Jürgen Weiß, Jean-Pierre Lucien Philippe, Pascal Rielland, Steve Hoppy, Tristan Schäff

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