Phase 5: Blizzard 1220/4
Anschluss: Trapdoor Slot (A1200)

Ebay-Preis (10 2004) 13,50

Ebay-Preis (02 2005) 15,50

Processor: EC020@28Mhz
FPU: Optional 68881 or 68882@14Mhz or 28Mhz (PLCC)
MMU: None
Max Ram: 4MB (8MB with optional expansion)
Ram Type: Surface mounted DRAM chips.

An additional 4MB expansion called the Blizzard 1220/4/ADD4 was available for this card, allowing you to add up to 8MB in total

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Andreas Kähler, Andrew Lockyer, Orjan Lindgren

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