Micronik: Z-2i
Anschluss: Trapdoor Slot (A1200)

Rev 4.0, Front

Rev 4.0, Back

Rev 4.02, Front

Rev 4.02, Back

Rev 5.02, Front

Rev 5.02, Back

Hi Res Version, Rev 4.0 Front - 508K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.0 Back - 369K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.02 Front - 231K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.02 Back - 243K
Hi Res Version, Rev 5.02 Front - 296K
Hi Res Version, Rev 5.02 Back - 342K
Image of the Video Slot Enabler - 146K
Image of adaptor - 220K
Keyboard Adaptor, connector closeup - 70K
Keyboard Adaptor, complete cable - 86K

Zorro II: 5
Zorro III: None
ISA: 3 x 16bit (3 inline) (Non Active)
PCI: None
Video Slots: 1 (inline) (AGA Type)
Other: None

A busboard designed for A1200s towered with an appropriate tower kit such as the Micronik Infinitiv. Revision 4 boards have a PCMCIA connector however in the Revision 5 boards, this has been replaced with a 72pin SIMM socket for adding additional memory. Some versions of this board may also have a built-in keyboard connector and other versions may not have a video slot (unconfirmed).

Jumper Table Micronik Z2i - Frontside
Upper Left
(REV 4.02 and REV5.02)
2 PinsGND * +12V
Upper Left
(REV4.02 only)
4+1 PinsKeyboard Cable Connector (Don't know for what cable.)
Above the
Power Connector
2+5 Pins

2+2 Pins
unused * RESET1 - RESET1 * unused * unused * TURBO2 * TURBO2

Power Connector
(REV 4.02 and REV5.02)
8 PinsGND * GND * GND * +5V * +5V * -5V * +12V * -12V
1) To connect the reset button of a tower case.
2) Close for use with an A1200 accelerator board.

Einsendungen zu dieser Seite von:
Andreas Kähler, Christian, Martina Jacobs, Michael Grünseich, Pascal Rielland, Peter Olsson

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